What are Steps to Take Screenshot on Mac

Taking a screenshot on Mac is really easy task to achieve even if you are new to Apple. One can either capture entire screen, specific part of screen, or current window.

How to Take Screenshot on Mac

Taking Screenshot on Mac – (Entire Screen)

  • If you want to capture entire screen on Mac then press and hold all three keys at the same time. Shift, Command, and 3.

How Can I Screenshot Specific Part in Mac

  • To capture a partial screenshot just press and hold all three keys simultaneously. Shift, Command, and 4.
  • After that drag your mouse to select/highlight that specific part of screen. You can also press SPACEBAR then hover your mouse over screen to select any specific part of screen.
  • Once you release mouse right click Macbook will automatically capture that screen.

Can I Capture Screenshot of Touch Bar in Mac?

  • Just press and hold Command+Shift+6 together and the screenshot capture will be available on your desktop shortly.

How Can I Record my Mac Screen

  • If you are using macOS Mojave on your Macbook press Shift+Command+5 together. You will see some controls on your screen to record your screen.
  • You can also use these controls to capture still images. If you are on any recent version other than macOS Mojave then you can use QuickTime Player to record screen.
  • When you click on the (put entire screen record icon) from on-screen controls then your cursor changes to camera.

Recording Screen on Mac

  • Now you just have to click on any screen to start recording your screen.
  • You can also edit your recording by clicking on the thumbnail after you stop your recording.

Screenshot Using QuickTime Player:

If you are using any older version of macOS other than Mojave then you will need it.

  • First of all launch QuickTime Player by using the Applications folder. Now you have to follow this path File > New Screen Recording
  • You will see the recording screen on your desktop.
  • Now you can simply start recording by clicking on the record button.

Recording Screen on Mac

  • Luckily one can also input his/her voice as audio from settings section. Beside to that you can also enable a black circle to show your mouse movements in recordings.


How Can I Edit a ScreenShot?

To edit the screenshot just click on the thumbnail at corner of screen. If you don’t click on it the screenshot will save on your desktop automatically.

How Do I Cancel a Screenshot Selection?

You just have to press the Esc key (Escape Key) to cancel a selection.

How Can I Change the Location Where Screenshot Goes?

First of all create a folder with name Screenshots at the location where you want to save your screenshots. Next, launch the terminal app by using this path Applications/Utilities/Terminal and then copy & paste the following command.

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location

Now just drag and drop the screenshot folder in your terminal to add the directory path automatically. Click enter and its done.