Free Screenshot Software PicPick Multilanguage Download

Free Screenshot Software PicPick Multilanguage Download.

Software Size: 4.83 MB Updated :2020 -02-26 Software Language: Simplified Chinese provider: PicPick Software License: Freeware Rating: Application Platform: Win9X Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista

PicPick Software Introduction

  • PicPick is a compact and feature-rich software screenshots, both white board, screen ruler, Cartesian coordinates or polar coordinates display and measurement of the screen to take color and other functions.
  • PicPick containing Chinese language pack; completely free; free installation of portable operation.
  • PicPick screenshot function to support the interception of full screen, active window, specify the region, fixed region, hand-painted areas, support scrolling screen shots, support for dual monitors, the image on the screen shots can be after the image editing and annotation capabilities. Screenshots can be saved to the clipboard, automatically or manually the file name (png / gif / jpg / bmp).
v2.3.5 (2010 年 4 5 February)

– Added: canvas resize the window can be preset resolution
– Added: Image adjustments can be preset resolution
– Fixed: auto-scroll to capture error
– Fixed: Image editing errors

v2.2.6 (2010 年 4 5 February)

– Added Slovak, Slovenian
– Fixed: Firefox 3.6 Auto Scroll BUG
– Fixed: Windows Vista / Windows 7 screenshot of the error of rolling
– Fixed: Windows Vista / Windows 7 screenshot of the error control
– Fixed: desktop shortcut to create problems

PicPick v2.1.3 (2009-11 -):

New design view (menu and toolbar)
Update Serveral language
Increase the uninstall control panel
Fixed: Windows Vista and the implementation of Windows 7
Fixed: Start menu, double-error display

PicPick v2.1 (2009-09 -):

* Support for Windows 7.
* Redesigned PicPick Editor: The Ribbon interface, increased scale.
* Fix the default file name when saving, automatic updates, screenshots and other fixed region bug.

PicPick v2.0 (2009-07-11):

* New editor, new look;
* Add output type, “sent to the external program”, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, MSPaint …
* improve the software settings, screenshots, file name, automatically saved, the editor, FTP, hot … …
* Improved screenshot tool;
* Improved color picker, direct coordinate tools;
* Various bug correction

PicPick v1.8 update:

– settings are saved to ini files, and more portable.
– language files in plain text format, stored in the language directory. If mistranslation, please go to the official website submitted.
– Added Chinese Simplified / Traditional Language Pack.
– Improved control screen shot (auto scroll).
– Improved Editor (arrows, zoom, etc.).
– basic image printing capabilities, but also enough
– Fixed various known bug.

Free Screenshot Software PicPick Multilanguage Download


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