Free Screenshot Software TechSmith SnagIt 10.0 Download

Free Screenshot Software TechSmith SnagIt 10.0 Download.

Software Size: 30.04 MB Updated :2020-02-26 Software Language: English Provider: SnagIt Software License: Shareware Rating: Application Platform: Win9X WinNT Win2000 WinXP

Introduction to SnagIt software

  • SnagIt is a very good screen, text and video capture and conversion process.
  • Can capture the screen, window, client window, the last active window, or right-defined area. Images can be saved as BMP, PCX, TIF, GIF or JPEG format can also be saved as a series of animation.
  • Using the JPEG compression can specify the required level (from 1% to 99%). Can choose whether to include the cursor, also with automatic scaling, color reduction, color conversion, jitter, and converted to grayscale.
  • In addition, save the screen capture images, you can also choose to automatically be sent to the printer or the WINDOWS clipboard, you can also use the E-mail sent directly pounds.
  • SnagIT with WINDOWS on the desktop will be displayed in a block of text into machine-readable text of the unique capabilities, where not even need to CUT and PASTE.
  • Program supports DDE, so other programs can control and automatically capture the screen.

Free Screenshot Software TechSmith SnagIt 10.0 Download


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