Screenshot Captor 2.91.01 Download

Screenshot Captor 2.91.01

Software Size: 8.38 MB

Updated :2020-02-26

Software Language: English

Provider: Screenshot Software

License: Freeware

Application Platform: Win9X Win2000 WinXP Win2003

About Software Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a screen shot tool. Compared with other screenshot tools, has the following unique features:

  • A large number of screenshots for the continuous optimization, thus reducing unnecessary operations
  • Intelligent automatic file naming, file by adding text comments
  • Good support for multiple monitors
  • Custom settings highly flexible configuration by the way you like it; minimize the system tray icon
  • A variety of screenshots mode (multi-display, desktop, active window, region, object), and a separate hot key Quick
  • A variety of special effects, such as highlighting the current window (ie, background blur)
  • Good integration with third-party tool, so you can easily call the image viewer, editor and other tools
  • Left side of the tree provides the function of Explorer
  • Screenshot of the version management
  • And the development of another program of Unicode Image Maker tool (for filling characters) seamless integration

– for non-rectangular windows / Windows themes, automatic identification of boundaries
– Support for scrolling
– Powerful thumbnails
– convenient dialog screenshot
– send screenshots by e-mail

Screenshot Captor 2.91.01 Download


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