Screenshot Android

How Can I Screenshot Android Phones or Android Tablets

There are two different methods to capture screen on Android devices either they are phones or tablets.

Screenshot an Android Phone

  1. Hold and press Volume Down and Power Buttons until you see a light flash on your screen.
  2. Press Power and Home button at once for at least 2 seconds until your screen flashes.

In both methods the system will save the screenshots in Photos library or Gallery under folder name Screenshots.

If your Android OS is 4.0 or earlier, then you have to download an App to capture screenshots.


How Can I Edit a Screenshot in Android

Open the screenshot from the photos library and then tap on the Menu Icon from upper right corner.

Can I Take Screenshots using Google Assistant?

Yes, you can use Google Assistant to capture screenshots on Android devices. Just open the required screen and say “OK Google, take a screenshot”. It will automatically capture a screenshot.

How to Screenshot Samsung Phones

Use Volume-down and power button command for Galaxy S8 and later models
Use Home and power button command for Galaxy S7 and former models.

How Do I Screenshot Motorola Phones

On Motorola devices you have to use Power & Volume-down button commands.

How Can I Screenshot Google Phones?

For both Nexus & Pixles models you have to use the power button and volume down button

What is the Method to Screenshot LG Phones?

You have to use Volume-down and power button command to capture screenshots on LG Android phones.