Take a Screenshot in Windows PC

Take a Screenshot in Windows 10 or 8

You can either use Snipping tool or Print-Screen button to capture a screenshot on Windows 10 or Windows 8.

  • Press “Prt Scn” and it will copy the entire visible screen to your Clipboard. If you are using notebook then you may have to hold “Fn” key before pressing “Prt Scn” but it depends on model.

Take a Screenshot in Windows PC

Tip: Sometimes there is no need to press “FN” key and screenshot can be taken by just pressing “PrtSc” button.

Screenshot PC at a Specific Portion

First hold Windows+Shift keys and then press “S” now drag your cursor to draw a rectangle around the area which you want to capture on your PC or laptop. This option will only work if you have installed Windows 10 creators Update.

Screenshot PC at a Specific Portion

Capture Screenshot in Windows 7 or Vista PC

The above method to take a screenshot works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, you can also use Snipping Tool and can launch it by using this path Start>> All Programs>> Accessories>> Snipping Tool.

Just you have to click on “NEW”, select the area which you want to capture by dragging mouse and then save the image.

The snipping tool method also works in Windows XP, but the Basic and Starter edition will not have this tool.

Capture Screenshot in Windows Phone or Tablet

  • In Windows 8 phone you can capture screen when you press Power button and Start Button together.
  • In Windows 8.1 phones one can do that by pressing volume-up and power button at same time.
  • In Windows Tablets users can easily capture screenshots by simultaneously pressing Windows and Volume-down buttons.

The screenshots will save in pictures library under Screenshots folder in all above handheld devices.


Where is PrtSc button located?

You can find Print Screen button at the upper right portion of your keyboard. The name abbreviation can also change sometimes and it depends on your model.

How to Save Screenshot as a file from Clipboard?

Launch “Paint App” on your Windows and paste the screenshot by using command “CTRL+V” and then save your file.